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             Our Innovation-Events Platform

The platform that we have designed manages events critical to great innovation. Partnerships and collaborations between companies are now a well established innovation activity for developing new products and services.Our events manager platform will support your company in the innovation funnel. We accurately find the right partner for your project using our search engine but also supporting you in the phases of partner consideration, evaluation and eventual partnership establishment.

How we do this:

We on-board new innovation partners every day to add to the thousands of existing companies each with their own comprehensive profile. 


A powerful search facility and search terms allows you to accurately search for the right fit for your business for partners.


The My Companies application allows you to save your partners including ranking them through scoring and prioritisation.


Partner surveys can be composed and deployed with your partners in support either of initial on-boarding or more complex qualification activities.


Project manage your partner engagement through the project software application, to ensure successful achievement of tasks milestones and project goals.

These are only some of the features available to you, for more information on the applications go to

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