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A platform for finding partners and driving successful engagement in technical collaboration activities
Find and engage with thousands of companies looking for technical partnerships and collaborations within the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.
Database of thousands of suppliers and partners
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What the platform and engagement apps offer

Our engagement applications, which are available in modular form and are available through the platform.


Database of thousands of curated technical and commercial partners

Our digital profiles form the bedrock of our engagement process. We have thousands of curated company profiles allowing you access to highly relevant companies for supplier or partner engagement.


Surveys app

Our survey software allows you to create and distribute surveys for suppliers or partners to respond too. Responses and conclusions including any risks or opportunities identified can be  shared with respondents using the same application.


Calendar app

A  calendar of activities, reminders and notifications can be shared between individuals and companies that share engagement processes such as projects, tasks and documentation exchange.


My Companies dashboard app

The platform dashboard brings together your selected companies for further engagement tasks  for example surveys, document exchange, projects and quotations. Also from the My Companies app you can score and risk assess identified vendors and partners


Documents app

Exchange and manage your agreements with your suppliers, seek approvals and record e-signatures, all actions come with audit trails


Project Management app

Bring together your internal team and supplier representatives to engage, share tasks and project progress, set milestones and agree completion dates. A great tool for achieving and improving on engagement processes.

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