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The Innovation Platform

The Partnership Tree supports companies in achieving their innovation goals by finding you great partners to work with in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sectors. This includes in the areas of research, drug delivery, manufacture, packaging, clinical trials, licensing, logistics and distribution.


We have created a platform that will take you through the innovation funnel of partner discovery, consideration and evaluation. Also provided on the platform is  an innovation events calendar, bringing together for the first time all your innovation events, notifications and messages in one place.


On the platform:


Find great partners through technology and service scouting

There is customised search fields for the pharma and biotech sector containing hundreds of technology search terms supporting you in accurate searching and reducing risk in wasting time on non-suitable partners for innovation.

Creat events important to your innovation success

Create and manage events important to successful innovation such as document exchange, RFI's, RFP's, assessments and surveys, profile completion and project management.

Also monitor and check all your events uniquely using your calendar

Mitigate Risk

The ability to score profiles, content, results for surveys and actions and the keeping of risk logs, contribute to project oversight both in partner selection but also in the long term management of your innovation portfolio.

Create an innovation portfolio

Expand your innovation portfolio quickly and monitor easily progress using our customised dashboard.

Manage innovation across your organisation

For managers check across team members using the platform so that you can monitor innovation activity and progress both internally and externally with partners

Measure partner engagement in the innovation process

Measuring engagement and participation by partners along project waypoints are important methods in identifying potential risks and mitigating actions to achieve success in an innovation process.

To visit the platform please go to

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