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Looking to find quality technical suppliers, partners or customers for innovation purposes?


Collaboration and innovation are now viewed as synonymous with each other. Key suppliers support customer innovation and companies are also looking to outsource at least some of their innovation activities to technical partners.


The partner's platform provides a digital platform through which you can find a quality supplier or technical partner. We have designed an industry  search engine, filled with terms and keywords, that can be used to find a close match to your technical needs. Once you have selected suitable companies, the search facility is closely integrated with our other applications that support vendor or technical partner qualification. These include online auditing (questionnaires and assessments), document exchange including e-signatures, project and task management. There is lots of opportunity to share information with your supplier or partner with reports, scoring or shared risk management. 

Our self help company profile is the foundation stone in building collaboration and innovative vendor relations.The filling out of an online profile by a supplier or development partner is the initial act in an information exchange leading to connection and engagement. Our profiles are easy and intuitive to complete. In this social media age a blend of text and visual is used in each profile. Lots of opportunity is presented for further links to non-profile events such as company websites and social media. The clear goal of a profile is that a potential customer or partner can form an opinion quickly around your suitability for the delivery of a service or product and also to enter into other  collaborative  and innovative processes.

















A recent report by McKinsey consults showed that companies focusing in on developing their suppliers grow twice the rate as competitors who do not develop or collaborate with their suppliers. (see illustration above)


How we support successful supplier collaboration and development:

  • we can work with your existing suppliers or find new alternative vendors to improve/increase collaboration and engagement

  • Using our database of companies, we together can find you great technical suppliers and partners matching closely your business and technical needs

  • Our proprietary applications cover supplier on-boarding activities,using unique self-help profiles, we can work towards a balanced and scored profile for your vendors. 

  • document management with tracked approvals and e-signatures, also auditing through our assessment application, supporting compliance monitoring and then reporting to vendors, results from audits and even vendor scoring (optional)

  • identify supplier risks, carry out supplier tiering, monitor profile updates by your supplier and score both profiles and auditing activity

  • create shared activities with your vendor, track and receive notification and updates until completion

  • monitor and save news items for each company, give scores for each vendor

  • receive supplier notifications, communications and alerts through a supplier calendar

  • organise and manage your suppliers into your categories

  • Reduce greatly time and money spent on qualification activities with your supplier base 

  • Mitigate risk through improving supplier engagement, integration & knowledge

  • Increase the productiveness of your vendor relationships through enhanced engagement



Would you like to find out more?

Please make contact if you would like to hear more or if you would like a short trial of our vendor engagement applications, just fill out the contact form below and we will be back to you soon to discuss how we can help you in your development of engaged and sustainable suppliers and partners.

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