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Manage your supply base successfully, reducing qualification times and risk, improving productivity

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Smart identification and on-boarding of suppliers reduces your risk of poor vendor choices.

It also cuts the time needed to verify new suppliers and can integrate with your own risk management strategy around each vendor.

We have thousands of quality suppliers searchable on our database with a search engine specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare needs.

Surims Ltd have designed and launched a full range of applications to support your vendor diversification programs. These applications provide a systemic way of identifying and managing a successful supply base.The applications support risk management initiatives you have in managing vendors.

When searching for alternative suppliers, the search engine can closely fit your geographical, quality and technical requirements. Our database allows you to search in a way that matches your business, operational and quality needs.

Successfully on-board suppliers that fit your criteria by having them to provide you with a wide range of information on their company giving a balanced holistic review of their operations.

Prioritise, tier, score your suppliers so that you can successfully qualify and manage your vendors.

Qualify your suppliers by building and deploying (with our suppliers) on-line questionnaires and assessments. Score received responses and share comments and reporting with your supplier (optional)

Create successful vendor RFQ's and share them privately with specific vendors. Then manage the response and eventual awarding of future contracts and business with a successful vendor.

Our project management application supports either an initial engagement with a supplier or more complex long term supplier interactions. You are able to setup milestones and taks and share these both internally and with your outside vendor. Also set up risk with any project and apply mitigating tasks to these risks.

Exchange documents with your suppliers or partners for approval or their signature. All stages are tracked from the initial exchange right through to approval and signature.


Having technology that closely maps your existing qualification process but also provides a reproducible and standardised method of managing vendors, reduces risk associated with a new or existing supplier or vendor diversification. Our applications greatly reduce the time taken to validate a company compared to older traditional methods, paper, fax, spreadsheets e.t.c. The applications also support a partnership status for further collaboration and increase the productivity of your relationship to improve or reduce time associated with research and development or actual production.

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